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Welcome to Capitol Online Services

We, at Capitol Online Services, are dedicated to providing high-quality websites which are not just affordable but also custom-made to cater to varying customer needs. Before recommending anything, we take time to understand our client’s business goals and online requirements. And then, based on that, we suggest an affordable solution for quantifiable results. If you are looking to take your business a notch higher, get in touch with us to discuss your marketing, e-commerce, and web design goals. We will customize your site and offer e-commerce shopping cart solution which is affordable and assists in converting the traffic on your website into customers.

Our scope of work includes the following:

Website Design

Capitol Online Services offers custom-made website designs which pay careful attention to site concept and content to meet varied customer requirements. At our company, we firmly believe that a well-designed website has the ability to attract a swarm of customers. For that matter, our team of highly qualified professionals delivers high-quality designs with original graphics and custom programming.

The model that we are built on lets us provide affordable web application development services and website design services.

Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Take advantage of our e-commerce shopping cart services. The foundation of any online store depends upon the ecommerce shopping cart it chooses. Therefore, careful thought needs to be put in when selecting a shopping cart system for making the online store successful. We offer a variety of ideas which will help you in picking the best type of cart for your e-store.

Our company offers online shopping carts with the security, flexibility, and scalability that your business requires.

Logo Design

A company’s logo is a representation of its character, and the products or services it offers. There are several important elements and graphics that need to be considered when creating the design of a company’s logo. At Capitol Online Services, we take into account the potential customer’s psyche when creating the logo. Our staff makes sure when people log onto the website they feel and remember the characteristics of that particular company.

We create clean and uncomplicated logos which can be made smaller without losing any detail. A clean logo is far easier to remember. If you wish to do your business professionally, you need to have a logo designed for your company, not just for looks but for business. Capitol Online Services offers you the best logo designs.


A web hosting service allows your website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting makes use of the client-server model to deliver content. A web host offers its customers access to a server that pushes the customer’s content to recipients when requested. Recipients use a browser to request information or content from the web with the help of their Internet connection. Here at Capitol Online Services, we provide a hosting server and several other resources that are needed to provide a business or an individual with its own custom-made website.

We have unmatched, very reliable hosting service with 24 hour customer support. Help is available via email and telephone for 365 days a year. Apart from this, we also commit ourselves to being extremely price competitive for all services. We try to offer the best price available in the market.

To meet the requirements of different clients and websites, we provide a wide variety of web hosting services. Our hosting ranges from general services to specific packages to higher-end solutions.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is a method of enhancing the visibility of a webpage or a site in search engines. Optimizing a site or a page involves editing HTML, the content, and related coding. It helps increase the relevance to particular keywords and eliminate the barriers to indexing activities of the search engines. Our team of well-experienced SEO experts constantly upgrades the customer’s site. Constant updating of website makes sure that it features in the top results of all leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine crawlers might look for numerous different factors while crawling a website. Our experts use their experience to figure out the criteria and apply different SEO techniques to improve the websites ranking, while conforming to the norms set by search engines.

For search engine optimization to be effective, it requires to be handled by professionals. These professionals have specialized knowledge of web marketing and promotion, and a proper understanding of how the search engine algorithms work. Achieving a good rank in different search engines requires a lot of specialized knowledge in a field where nothing is constant. If you do not have complete SEO knowledge, just outsource this work to us to get your site positioned on the top.

Directory Submissions

Directory submission is regarded as a great way to gain quality backlinks. Incoming links play a vital role in increasing the ranking of a site and in making it search engine optimized. The better the quality of the links, the higher is the internet visibility and the rankings.

While generating link-building strategies, many companies rely on links from directories. Web directory links assist in building good links, and then the website begins receiving traffic from the directories. Capitol Online offers submission service for submitting your website to various different directories to ensure that you receive good quality incoming links. We offer extremely professional hand submission service to several different directories.

Article Submissions

Submitting a site to different article directories is an extremely powerful SEO technique for getting quality incoming links to that site from an authority website.

Our SEO experts understand the importance of quality articles and getting them submitted to top article directories. These articles do not just bring free backlinks to the website, but they also draw out a very valuable traffic. The more articles that get submitted, the higher is the credibility of the website in that particular subject. This makes the site more trustworthy, which is very important in any niche or when trying to promote a site.