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Website Design

Essential Features of Website Design

Most businesses, both small and large, today have an online presence because of the innumerable advantages and conveniences provided by the Internet. In order to get these benefits, the basic requirement for any online business is to have its presence felt on the World Wide Web in the form of a website. Since all dealings of the business will be through this website, it is absolutely essential for the website design to be sufficiently attractive to lure maximum visitors. Besides, the site must have easy maneuverability, must provide all necessary information regarding products and services, and must have a high search engine ranking facilitated by proper use of search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Design

The essential features that should be kept in mind while making a website design are:

  1. JavaScript and flash animation effects should not be used for important functional aspects such as site menus and to access other important information, which should be available as text. Moreover, because they are harder to index, search engine spiders will find it difficult to find texts and keywords and the desired ranking will not be available.
  2. Colors should be used properly in such a way that the background colors are lighter than the text colors for ease of reading. Color combinations should be pleasing and the font size of the text should be legible.
  3. There should be easy navigability through the multiple pages and for this you should use a simple navigational bar that is text based.
  4. Website design should be based on SEO considerations so that the website gets a high search engine ranking which will boost the number of targeted visitors to the site and lead to more conversions of traffic to dedicated customers.

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